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Seriously Nostalgic Font

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Seriously Nostalgic Font is a sophisticated typeface that channels the nostalgic elegance of 1980s magazines. This versatile serif brings a touch of allure to your projects, whether you’re crafting editorial layouts, designing striking packaging, or building a standout brand.

What sets Seriously Nostalgic apart is its dual nature. It comes in two variations – one with enhanced contrast and crispness, while the other offers a more subdued charm. Taking a cue from authentic 80s design, we have also introduced condensed versions for each variation.

Seriously Nostalgic Serif is a versatile font that caters to various creative endeavors. Whether you are working on editorial projects, developing a standout logo, establishing a unique clothing brand, creating striking product packaging, designing magazine headers, or simply adding a touch of style to your text overlays on background images, this typeface has got you covered.

To truly make your design stand out, don’t forget to experiment with all caps. Utilizing uppercase characters not only adds contrast but also brings impact to your overall type design.

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